Saturday, February 7, 2009

Eco Living In Idaho: Red Hot Real Estate

This piece of heaven is for sale. Listing price $1,250,000 USD for 2.01 acres including a 1 acre pond and canal.

Willowwood is a small green, two acre estate in Hailey—the gateway to Idaho wilderness areas with jagged mountain ranges, large pristine mountain lakes, rivers and creeks. National Geographic named Hailey one of the most desirable places for nature lovers and sportsmen to live in the US. The small town ambiance, proximity to the world famous ski and summer resort--Sun Valley, and walkability of the town helped it achieve the prestigious rating.

Willows line two streams that flow through the property and join in a pond at Willowwood. Lavender, Russian sage and daylilies line the approach to the house which was designed by Living Architecture, a local top Green Architectural firm.

Built in 2006 this home of exceptional quality is small and intelligent. The walls are twelve inches thick, plaster covered and painted with casein paint. The house radiates warmth from the large Rumford fireplace to the heated tile floors. Rooms have windows on most sides for natural light and air circulation.

Flower beds full of tumbling climbing vines and hummingbirds bloom all summer. A bridge goes over the pond, making it an ideal place to birdwatch for cranes fishing among the lilypads. Aqueduct water rights provide irrigation for the fields of wildflowers and a vegetable garden. A true sanctuary for nature lovers, this home is also close to excitement with art, theatre, sporting facilities and restaurants nearby.

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