Thursday, October 15, 2009

Take That Diving Vacation Soon or You May Be Swimming in a Sea of Acid

We put 22 million tons of CO2 into the oceans every day.

If you put a tooth in a glass of Coke, which is basically a tooth in water with Co2, it cracks into pieces—and a tooth is much stronger than a seashell.

Coral reefs may be gone in your lifetime. Two million years in the making, destroyed in a few decades--coral may be extinct within 50 years. We may someday live in a world without fish. At the very best, we will see hundreds of species become extinct.

2% of our GDP is all it would take to correct the problem, according to mainstream economists.

How do we say to our great grandkids that we let this happen because we weren’t willing to spend two cents more on a dollar soda?

I wonder if when my niece, Elsa is old enough to understand the problems that my generation left to hers, if she will wonder what we did about it.

I’d like to say to her that I did what I could to lessen my impact and spread information. I determined that the biggest things I could do to reduce my footprint would be to not have biological children, to live in a city instead of the country, to rebuild old homes instead of building new ones, and to drive and fly as little as possible. The average American's carbon footprint in my lifetime was about 20 tons a year. Experts agreed that an average reduction of three tons a person would begin to reverse global climate change. My footprint has been pretty close to zero for 33 years.

As for spreading information, I don’t know that I’ve reached more than a half a million people with my blog and the columns I write. Maybe I could do more. It’s tough to know without the perspective of time.

Here's one idea--how about we show up at this guy's presentation in Phoenix next month? "Why Man-made Global Warming is Exaggerated.” Or at least email him--coyote at coyoteblog. com.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Listen to the Elders

The Institute For Cultural Awareness of Sedona and Adam Yellowbird invite you to join them Saturday, October 17 at 1:30 PM in Page Springs, AZ to hold a council and pray for the highest good to come from the tragedy at Angel Valley Retreat Center.

This is not the time for pointing fingers--it is an opportunity to set aside and find ways to prevent this tragedy from happening again. We are all neighbors in the Verde Valley. Many of us hold retreats and host gatherings. Spiritual work is important to all of us.

Saturday October 17, 2009 at 1:30 PM we will gather with all interested parties at our Page Springs property at 2400 Page Springs Road. Please bring something refreshing to share.

Tragedy could visit any of us at any time. We are all vulnerable. Perhaps this event calls for us to build consensus on broad protocols for conducting sweat lodges, including any energy exchange that may be taking place. Come and be a part of the solution. Let us move forward and learn from this problem. Come, have a voice and express your ideas.

Let’s honor those traditionally trained in sharing the benefits of sweat lodges. The untrained and novices need guidance as does the public. Perhaps by joining together we can help the situation move to healing. This is a teachable moment. Let us take control of ourselves and take and give good counsel.

Adam may be reached at 928-646-3000 after October 15th.

Call Jim Beard at 928-554-0500 for details about participation jimbeard2@msn. com.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sedona Sweat Lodge Mystery

Two people died and 21 were hospitalized following a sweat lodge ceremony at Angel Valley Retreat Center in Sedona, AZ. ritual Thursday evening. For those of you who've called and emailed me for details and to share your sorrow, I'd like to encourage you to stay up-to-date on the news to avoid spreading rumors and adding to the darkness. More on this story at ABC News.
Native American leaders speak out here. And you can follow the latest news and discussion on Twitter.

To clear up some of the rumors: two--not three people have died. And tests for tests for carbon monoxide and other contaminants were negative--ruling out early theories that the improper use of plastic and tarps or herbs and items thrown in the fire may have released fumes and harmed participants.

People have died in sweat lodges before, always elderly and people with heart problems. Just as with a sauna or hot tub, people with high blood pressure or heart problems should avoid overheating and only stay in for a few minutes. Native American rituals are practiced with Medicine People as leaders and it is rare that anyone would stay in a sweat for as long as two hours, as was reportedly the case in this situation. Beginners are monitored closely and only stay in the lodge for a few minutes at a time.

My heart goes out to the participants, to the families of those who suffered, and to Michael, Amayra and James. May you truly be led by Spirit in your future actions.

Should people profit from selling cultural spiritual practices? Angel Valley Retreat Center is a nonprofit organization. But staff receive salaries and guests include self-help gurus who make millions promising wealth if you follow "The Secret" and other spiritual practices.