Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cool Stuff to do in St. Augustine

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cheap Ways To Have Fun On Your Sedona Vacation

  1. Watch for bobcats at Casita Colibri.  They sneak down the arroyo to eat the ground squirrels that have infested the vacant lot near the labyrinth.
  2. Check out a rock art site down a road less travelled.  Red Tank Draw is sure to impress those patient enough to find it.  Click for map and directions.
  3. Hike to the bottom of the sacred and beautiful Montezuma's Well.
  4. Go birding for endangered southern eagles, spot western bluebirds, hummingbirds, flycatchers, warblers, Kinglets, or Abert's Towhees.
  5. Browse free books and check out southwestern sculpture at the Sedona Library, including the reknown Schnebly sculpture.
  6. Take a guided geology or birding hike or just check out the most photographed spot in the world from the Red Rock State Park.
  7. Hang out at a coffee shop with locals, bring your own mug keeps plastic out of the environment (plastic never goes away).
  8. Get inspired at Sedona's Favorite Architectural Attraction, the Chapel of the Holy Cross.
  9. Roam through an ancient pueblo and take in some of the best views of the Verde Valley at Tuzigoot National Monument.
  10. Hike a scenic Red Rock trail.
  11. Search for turquoise jewelry and other southwestern treasures at Saddlerock Barn Consignments, "giving new life to old treasures."
  12. Check out an intuitive, get a 15 minute sand play session free of charge. 
  13. Cool Off Like a Cave Man. Arizona has many caves like the one above where temps often stay the same as the previous night's cool air. Thunder Mountain and Sycamore Canyon boast a few places to cool it. Cave men and femmes alike can also groove on the petroglyphs and pictographs of Platki and other ruins.
  14. Investigate a vortex, real or hype?
  15. Get enlightened at a lecture or uplifted at a Sedona Creative Life Center concert. (fee)
  16. Hike Page Springs hatchery and watch for migrating birds.
  17. Explore the rich photography of Four Corners Magazine and the articles by new thought leaders.  Available free online.
  18. Drink wine and appreciate art on the First Friday of every month in Uptown Sedona.  Be sure to go to the largest seller of local artists, the Sedona Arts Center.  Check out paintings and sculpture by one of the original cowboy artists, Joe Beeler.
  19. Play 18 holes at one of the Sedona area golf courses, ask them how they're working to conserve water and reduce the use of pesticides. (Fee)
  20. Take a swim at Sedona's community pool.  Children $2, adults $3.
  21. Imagine the meaning of the 1,032 petroglyphs at the V-V (say vee bar vee) past the Beaver Creek Ranger Station. Only open Friday through Monday (long weekend).
  22. Laugh it up at a Canyon Moon performance.  Most performances around $20. 
  23. Learn about indigenous cultures at the free Ringing Rocks Museum.
  24. Feed the giraffes at the wildlife preserve, Out of Africa. (Fee)
  25. Soak in the Verde Hot Springs.
  26. Stroll Whiskey Row in Historic Prescott.
  27. Mountain Bike the Big Park Loop and miles of other bike trails.
  28. Study anthropology and art at the Mueseum of Northern Arizona.
  29. Cruise on your skate board at the skate boarding park (free).
  30. Hug 200 acres of trees at the Arboretum at Flagstaff.
  31. Check out local events and concerts.
  32. Run the Sedona Marathon.
  33. Explore Wupatki's multiple ruins.
  34. Watch the flicks at the Film Festival in February. (fee)
  35. Enjoy a free musical event at Talaquepaque.
  36. Walk in, dance out of a free Zumba class with Eric 5:30 PM at the Priya Pilates Studio.  One free class a visitor to try it out.  Best dance floor in Northern Arizona.
  37. Sip some wine at an Arizona winery and enjoy a free barrel cellar tour on Saturdays.
  38. Try a MeetUp group for hiking, this one is in the Phoenix area.
  39. Protect the treasures of the American West.
  40. Get spiritual with a private, guided hike to sacred lands (fee).
  41. Join the Wednesday night drumming circle at OCB (Oak Creek Brewery)
  42. Dance at the Tuesday Stick Drum Dance Night.
  43. Discover what's grander than Niagara at the Grand Falls (water flow varies, best to go in March and April).
  44. Dunk in one of the "10 Best Swimming Holes." Rated by Outside Magazine as one of the best places to swim in a natural pool, Wet Beaver Creek is at the end of 179, about two miles past I 17.
  45. Beat the heat with a summer hike.  Towering pines keep trails into canyons like Boynton, Sycamore, and Secret Canyons cool enough for a solid hike even in the hot temps of August. Really want something Alpine? Kachina Trail hovers at 9,500 feet for most of its 5 miles. Picnic with the largest organisms on the planet, aspen groves.
  46. Check out this related post: How to Save Money on Your Sedona Vacation.
  47. Get tips on hiking gear, trails and good sales from The Hiking Lady blog.
  48. Map it. Get maps for all your outdoor activities including hiking, mountain biking, backpacking--with Trail Finder. Or check out the free iPhone application, Trails.
  49. Skip the pricey art galleries and cut out the middle-man when you browse and buy art direct from native and local artists at the Sedona Art Mart.  Save on sales tax at the Sedona Arts Center.
  50. Plan your trip online with Nile Guide: maps and info all in one place, save paper.
  51. Ring famous bells and explore an alternative to urban sprawl at Arcosanti. It will stretch your imagination with amazing architecture and you can ring the famous bells at the foundry and ceramics studio.  (fee)