Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Copenhagan or Cop Out?

My eco-fatigue increases when I read the recent contradictory news about environmental consciousness, climate change, and global warming. But with the solstice, the light is returning along with my awareness of embodied wisdom all around me--from this Great Horned Owl near my Arizona home, to appreciative guests sending gifts and encouragement.

For 30,000 years humans have marked this time of year in connection with the earth. I celebrate this year by remembering that transformation does not happen because we will it or work for it, it is deeper than an idea or memorized words. Transformation is deep learning, not memorizing. It is enacted leading, not talking.

"It comes gratuitously when we clear the passageways between our minds and hearts, when we trust and act upon our bodies' messages, and when we master the art of transcending duality, which simply means that instead of resisting what appears to be "other" we embrace it, bring it into ourselves, and see what transpires when the poles unite." --Jan Phillips, The Art of Original Thinking.

Happy Holidays!

Photo by Dana G. Mayer.