Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Electronics and Computers for the Holidays: What to do with the old ones

New stuff under the tree can mean old stuff in the landfill. Electronics and computers contain hazardous materials. If you replace old equipment with new ones this holiday, why not consider these recycling options?

Recycling Kit from Think Green From Home. Simply fill the box they send to you and return, they take care of the rest. They also take CFLs.

EPAs ecycling tips and links.

Ten Tips for Donating a Computer.

Ideas for recycling phones, iPods, TVs at Yahoo Green.

Apple, Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Depot, and Staples all have e-waste recycling programs for items bought at their stores. Details vary, so check the retailer's website or call customer service before you bring in a pile of junk.

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