Friday, November 28, 2008

Red Hot Rate Specials Coming in 2009

Staying at a knowledgeable friend’s house while on vacation can mean your hosts know the new restaurants and shops, let you whip up a quick meal in their kitchen and live in a quiet, attractive neighborhood well-off the tourist track. And best of all, they would leave you to your own devices and give you a key to the front door.

If you don’t have the benefit of a rich pal with a vacation home in your desired destination, that's what vacation rentals are for--if the owners dish out the inside scoop. Look for all the conveniences of home—fully equipped kitchens, with dishwashers and sufficient china and cutlery for all you plan to entertain (not a Spartan set of four bent forks and spindly knives). Also check for the comforts of housecleaning services, washing machines, and owners who provide backpacks, parkas, binoculars, or other gear for the local environs (like we do).

Our specials include insider information on our website, coupons and deals for local restaurants, adventures, and shops on this blog and on site in the vacation homes, and occasionally, when we have a cancellation, a rate special.

In 2009 returning guest will get a free service: a tour, massage, wilderness guide, or session with a healer.

We'll also post deals at other vacation rentals with a commitment to the local culture, economy, and environment PLUS fab healthy homes for sale so you can make your own vacation rental property. Buy low! Join the $240 billion dollar vacation rental industry! Or just get inspired to green your own home or redecorate with health supporting materials.

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