Monday, November 3, 2008

Here's the News You've Been Waiting For--Forget the Election and the Economy

Many thanks to those of you who answered my survey. Your insights about the economy and travel will help shape what shows up on the blog and in our vacation rentals.

The winner of the DVD "Living Temples" is Molly Hillstrom of Philomath, Oregon. This beautiful film is a welcome respite from the anxiety of the elections and economy. Not only is the imagery soothing, but the narration by Academy Award winning Linda Hunt is inspirational--which makes watching the film a rejuvenating experience.

A few key findings from the survey:

-10% of you have given up traveling and will not travel in the next year or two due to the expense and the economy
-24% plan to vacation close to home--on staycations
-56% of you plan to travel as usual, one to five trips a year

What you like best about our vacation rentals is
-Affordability: the great price
-Green Homes: eco-friendly features.

What you want to read about on this blog varies, but there was some agreement about wanting to see rate specials on vacation rentals and more about how being green saves money, as well as the earth.

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ThreadBeaur said...

Interesting outcome of your survey! I love to find great ways to be green and save money!