Monday, October 27, 2008

Eco-Friendly And Recession Ready

Here's some link love from the newsphere and blogshere on saving green, yours and Mother Nature's:

Making a Home Greener, Healthier, and a $$ Saver

Save money on doctor bills, make your home healthier. Green Bedrooms Help Allergy Suffers

Tax Breaks for Going Green

Five Ways to Green Your House for Under $100 (And save money!)

Cut back on pesticides and irrigation and save big. Green Your Landscaping for Less

Save money and cut waste on vacation.

Travel Green Without Sacrificing Style Tips

Recession-proof travel tips: find cheap gas on the road, booking tips and more.


Australia Visa Services said...

Great resources! I am expecting you to add more. Thanks. =)

Dana said...

Yes! I'll be exploring eco-equity more in the future. The green wave must lift ALL boats, not just those of the elite or we're all sunk.

Hope you and other readers will share what you're finding and how you're saving your green and the planet's.