Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Latest Trip

The latest guilt-trip seems to be going green. And now it's time for summer vacation--bringing more opportunities to feel guilty about the jet trails from flying, gas prices, and our "footprints," --click to measure yours in a fun quiz, no ads.

If you know me, you know what I say about guilt, "No way!" Here's how I'm making my summer vacation green and guilt-free:

Do what I can to save on gas when renting or buying a car and then don't sweat it. Hybrids do get better gas mileage, but the verdict is still out on how green they really are with their toxic batteries and carbon producing manufacturing. Enterprise Rentals let's you add carbon offsets to the price of your rental at booking. Offsets for my two week rental in Phoenix was just $2.90. Couldn't have been easier. This site has a gas mileage comparison tool and rates the 100 Top Green Cars. I pick a car with great gas mileage and GO.

Fly nonstop and fly during the day. Take off and landing takes most of the fuel used on a flight. Jet emissions do more damage at night.

Try these easygoing green vacation tips (ad-free pdf). Print out a few copies on recycled paper for fellow travelers or vendors who may need encouragement to go green or who may feel overwhelmed by all the environmental bafflegab.

Take FREE tours. I get locals to show me around for free through Couch Surf. This social networking site verifies users at three clever levels and connects you with people offering a place to crash or a cultural education of their area.

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