Thursday, April 8, 2010

Show What You Know about Climate Change & Help Haitians

What do you know about climate change and what can you do about it?
To find out, test your knowledge about climate change by taking the Clinton Foundation's climate quiz today.

Plus, when you take THE Climate Quiz, $2 will be donated toward the purchase of solar flashlights for Haitians living in camps, providing them with energy-efficient light and helping to enhance security.

Take the climate quiz -- and take initiative for the people of Haiti.

If 100,000 people to take this quiz, 20,000 solar, energy-efficient flashlights will be sent to Haitians displaced from their homes by the devastating January earthquake.

Just by taking this quiz, you can take a small but important step towards fighting climate change and improving people's lives.

Will you take the quiz today?

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