Sunday, September 27, 2009

How Healthy is Your (Vacation) Home?

1. Use this quick, fun quiz to determine how to make your home healthier. Also is a great way to evaluate a vacation rental. I learned that 60% of the lead in my home can be reduced by wiping my shoes at the door. Another good reason for taking shoes off altogether when indoors!

2. Coupons for green products at Seventh Generation. While I don't find the cleaning products work any better than mild dish soap and water or baking soda, I like the bleach free feminine products.

3. One of the few blogs I actually read every week is Healthy Child, Healthy World. They do more than regurgitate the same old information available everywhere in the media and regularly have fresh, new ideas.

4. International listing of smoke-free lodging, mostly hotels. The founder is working to create state laws for smoke-fee apartment buidlings and condos.

5. For your mental health, counteract the negativity of the media and economy with this Marianne Williamson message, "No More Lack." You are not at the effect of other people's thoughtlessness.


javier said...

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Jacque Petterson said...

As the owner of I hear complaints all the time about the horrors of being placed in smoky rooms. Hotel clerks must think that just because no one is smoking in the room at that moment it is non-smoking. Staying at a smoke-free hotel does not mean a guarantee that this will not happen, but it sure increases the chances. Be sure to search for 100% smoke-free hotels in your travels.

Jacque Petterson