Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Top Five Reasons to Go Smoke Free on Vacation

More than 8,000 lodging properties went smoke free in the United States last year, according to AAA and that number continues to climb this year.

"Studies have found that nearly 90 percent of travelers now prefer a smoke-free hotel," says Dave Janicke, FreshStay.com's CBO - Chief Breathing Officer. "For some it's just a preference. But for others, allergies or medical conditions require them to avoid the dangers of secondhand smoke."

That is why no smoking is permitted at my vacation rentals, not even outside. We were smoke and fragrance free long before it was trendy or legal.

TOP 5 REASONS To Go Smokefree

1. Satisfaction. You won't have to complain about rooms that reek of smoke, whether lingering from previous guests or wafting in from nearby smoking rooms.

2. Support a smoke free workplace. It is healthier for lodging staff and makes their jobs easier by eliminating the time and effort to clean up ashtrays and cigarette butts.

3. Property Protection. Furnishings, linens, carpets and other amenities are last longer they are not being damaged by smoke or cigarette burns. Your clothes and luggage will go home clean if you stay in a place that doesn't have lingering tar and toxins.

4. A Break for Your Lungs. Second-hand smoke is responsible for aggravating nearly a million children who suffer from asthma. Taking a break from smoke is good for you and those around you.

5. The Prestige. Smoke-free lodging is cheap and chic. You'll find some hip, off-the-beaten track places to stay when you go smoke-free.


Gaelyn said...

I am a smoker, yet still agree that others shouldn't have to put up with my nasty habit.

Let me know more about your resort and I can make recommendations to visitors.

Glad you found me and thanks for stopping by.

Dana said...

I used to smoke also. Stress still makes me want it, but the good health I enjoy makes it worth what I lost.

My family has a few healthy homes that we rent out occassionally when we're not vacationing. We're not a resort. More about what makes the homes healthy and photos at www.ecoLuxuryLodging.com.

virginia bed and breakfast said...

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