Sunday, June 7, 2009

Celebrating Progressive Communities of the Southwest

I just finished writing my column about eco consciousness for the June/July issue of Four Corners Magazine. It's about partying without punishing the planet or your pocketbook. But what I really want to tell you about is not my article, but how this issue of the magazine cements publisher, Holly Lucky's commitment to bring readers truly postmodern content. You gotta check it out. The images are mind blowing and the articles--world class.

Gone are the days when metaphysics was the domain of gurus and barefoot-daisy-pickers--Lucky is creating a truly inclusive and expansive community relevant to our times. Now, my parent's were daisy-pickers, so before you get insulted, consider how my statement "includes and transcends." Or just go pick up a copy of Four Corner's Magazine and see for yourself. It's online or grab a hard copy, free at most health food stores, gyms, spas, and progressive retailers in Arizona, New Mexico, and a few in Colorado. Another way to incorporate the spirit of the SW into your daily living is to sign up for emails from Holly's Sedona Wave Network.

Photo by Andrew Holman
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Anonymous said...

Is Four Corners Magazine printed on recycled paper or with non toxic inks?