Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Fun--Dana's Top Five for May

1. Are You Stuck on Teflon? Guests often ask why the gourmet kitchens in the vacation rentals don't have teflon pans (aka PFOA, a likely carcinogen). My answer? "Teflon has sticky health issues." I'm a stickler for cast iron and green pans.

2. Last Minute Vacation Rentals. No healthy homes or eco conscious properties in the current specials, but I did see some screamin' deals for summer savings. Listings change daily, so smoke-free or green vacation homes may get posted.

3. Six Secret Ways to Save On Your Next Vacation. Good ideas but I say, "No way," to Number Five. Never found renting an RV to be inexpensive or eco conscious.

4. Tools to Help You Plan, Book, and Share Your Travel. Check out their famous Packing List.

5. Looking For Someone To Hike With? Check out Fitness Singles.

Award winning "pinhole" photography by Sheila Bocchine

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