Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Healthy Travel Tips

Your best bet for staying healthy on the road or anywhere else for that matter, is to keep your immune system strong. While anitbiotics or Tamiflu may shorten the length of time you're ill by a few days, there is no cure. Flu vaccines reduce the risk of catching the bug, but only protect about 39% of the people who take the shot.

Here's how I keep my immune system strong:

  • Avoid stress. I get outside--hike, bike, or just take a walk! Being in nature is a healing balm, the wonder and beauty relaxes me and reminds me of the order and grace that exists regardless of what the balance is in my IRA account.
  • Increase Vitamin D. Most adults in the US suffer from an acute shortage of vitamin D. 15 minutes of sun a day on my legs and arms will boosts my levels to normal and helps protect your immune system. Yet another reason to get outside on my vacation.
  • Increase exercise. Our sedentary lifestyle contributes to our weak immune system. I spend an hour a day walking and on vacation, I hike for hours.
  • A Breath of Fresh Air. I avoid toxic places and stay out of hospitals and gyms (with the exception of the Sedona Spa which is hyper vigilant about keeping the place sanitized). 92% of indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. I open the windows at least 45 minutes a day, except during heavy pollen seasons, ozone or air quality alerts. I avoid staying in places that have been remodeled within six months--most likely the carpet, paint, drywall, and other materials will be out gassing toxins like formaldehyde and other respiratory irritants and carcinogens.
  • Insist on Truly Smoke-free Lodging. Enforcement can be lax unless the establishment is committed to healthy practices. And a smoke-free room on a smoking floor is still a smoking room. I use http://www.smoke-freehotels.com/ to find lodging on the road.


Rickbischoff - Rustic Contemporary Spirit said...

GRT! post,
...shouldn't we all know
these things, they are so simple.
THNX! for the ideas...
and reminder.

Dana said...

We probably do all know these things, I tend to know things and not practice them. Reminders help. And perhaps others will share their tips, simple or not so simple!

Willy Nilly said...

You wrote these tips on another blog and they were good suggestions!

-Avoid fear-based messages, minimize time browsing the news about "pandemics" and other overly sensationalized coverage. While it is important to stay informed, continued focus on negative messages creates stress. Stress weakens the immune system. End conversations with people who complain or express fright before they restimulate your concerns.

-Carry a fragrance free sanitizer for times when you can't wash your hands. Fragrances, even those derived from natural sources, contain irritants to your lungs and may trigger allergies or asthma which weakens your immune system and makes you susceptible to flus and other immune system challenges.

-At the same time you wash your hands, wash gym locker keys, door keys and other hand-held, waterproof items. This does not include your phone!

-Avoid eating with your fingers and sharing food.