Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eco Weddings Gifts That Celebrate Love Not Stuff

When Gary Myer and Dana Gail celebrated their honeymoon at Casita Colibri, a vacation rental in Sedona, Az their wedding was part of one of the hottest trends on the planet, green weddings.

In addition to going easy on mother nature and themselves by renting a healthy vacation home, I was so inspired by what they wrote to their guests about their nonmaterial wedding gifts I thought I'd share it.

Our Alternative Registry mentions gifts we'd most welcome. You'll see some of these gifts don't come in boxes. It would be a gift to us if you:
· Make a donation to Verde Valley Sanctuary or the Nature Conservancy
· Offset the carbon for your trip to Sedona
· Give us a used item from our list—reused from a yard sale or secondhand store
· Something creative of your own choosing that reflects this is a celebration of love, not stuff.

The greatest gift is your presence in our lives and at our wedding.

Feel free to share your eco wedding and anniversary celebration tips. Watch for my article about eco-weddings in the June issue of Four Corners Magazine.


The Green Bride Guide said...

I would also love to add your green wedding to the Real Green Weddings section of The Green Bride Guide website, where couples can flip through story books of dozens of eco-friendly events. If you are interested please contact me at

dana said...

Hi Kate,

This isn't my wedding. It was the wedding of a guest who honeymooned at my eco vacation rental. I will pass the suggestion on to the newlyweds.

Chris said...

Hey great post! I would like to touch base with you about your blog. Please contact me directly at

Look forward to hearing from you.