Thursday, March 5, 2009

Florida Spring Reflections

Guest blogger Fran Palmeri shares photos and thoughts about her recent Florida hike.

The maple trees lead the spring bloom in the cypress swamp at Highlands Hammocks State Park, Florida--their leaves unfurling on bright red stems.

The bald cypress hold back, revealing only mere hints of green mirrored in the still waters. We crane our heads to see to the tops of these ancient trees and wonder what would it be like to be here in a hurricane with leaves and branches flying all about. Then we lean over the railing for a different perspective.

In the looking glass swamp the cypress can be seen more clearly except when disturbed by an occasional ripple from some small creature coming to the surface. My friend imagines water fathoms deep; I see only the muck of thousands of years of leaf drop.


Philippines Travel Blog said...

Nice picture., nature is very cool..

Concrete Jungle LA said...

Awww the charm of Florida. Much of my family lives in the Sunshine state - I always love tromping around the old cypress groves and swamps... like no other place in North America.