Friday, March 20, 2009

Dana's Top 5 - Includes $7 A Day Rental Cars

1. The top 25% of people in India, when ranked by IQ, is a larger number than the entire population of the US. Put your lifestyle in context with this must see video

2. Free WiFi for Mac Users from Skype.

3. "The Lost Generation," watch and read this AARP award winning video all the way through to the end

4. Rental cars for $7 a day at

5. Luxury 4 Star Hotels for under $100 a night Still not as good as a healthy vacation rental for under $100 a night (June to Sept at my place)! But if you don't want to go to St. Augustine, FL or Sedona, AZ, click away:-)

Taj photo by Eric J. Mayer
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