Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Toxic At Any Speed

VOCs from indoor air pollution don’t just make you sick at home or in a hotel, your car may also cause respiratory irritation or worse.

See how bad your car might be at, better yet, find one that is low toxin. Here’s what they recommend to reduce exposure:

Reduce Your Exposure

· Since heat and UV-rays accelerate the breakdown of toxic chemicals, we recommend that car owners use solar reflectors and park in the shade whenever possible.

· Car owners should ventilate their cars before entering them by opening doors and rolling down windows.

· Car owners can also reduce exposure by spending less time in their cars. We recommend walking, riding a bike or using public transportation whenever possible. This also helps reduce tailpipe emissions.

“As environment-friendly Martha Stewart might know, that new car smell is not a good thing. In fact, inhaling the fumes from your new car can be toxic and are created from a literal soup of chemicals such as arsenic and formaldehyde, which can take years to completely be "out-gassed" from your new car's interior materials.” Read more

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