Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wholly Guacamole! How to Eat Pesticide Free Without Going Broke

With prices rising, jobs fading, and incomes falling flat, buying organic produce may seem like it could break the bank. I'm saving by buying some of the less offensive conventional produce. It's tempting to buy those amazing avocados and juicy peaches at this time of year. But how do you know what's loaded with toxins and what's not?

According to the Environmental Working Group, the produce on this list will expose you to less than two pesticides a day. I stick to the ones with peels.

The "Cleanest 12" (starting with the best)

* onions
* avocados
* sweet corn (frozen)
* pineapples
* mangoes
* asparagus
* sweet peas (frozen)
* kiwi fruit
* bananas
* cabbage
* broccoli
* papaya

Peaches top the list of the worst offenders. Keep in mind, rocket fuel by-products and other contaminates cannot be avoided even if you buy organic, as the water supply is tainted. EWG produces an up-to-date research report on pesticides in produce for details check the website.

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