Monday, August 18, 2008

Stormy Weather: Guest Protection During Hurricane Season

With Tropical Storm Fay almost upon us in Florida, CSA Travel Assurance company suggests the following preparations for travel during hurricane season.

1. Check with the property manager before booking to determine what type of policy is offered during your stay in the event of a storm. Is there a "hurricane guarantee" or other policy that will guarantee a refund of the cost of your stay, as well as any potential property damage if you are forced to cancel or evacuate due to a hurricane?

2. Stay up-to-date on weather in the region to which you are traveling to be aware of any events that could hamper your arrival or cause an interruption in your stay.

3. Once arriving at the property, double-check the property's policies and procedures.

4. If a storm approaches and an evacuation is ordered, secure a hurricane claim form before you evacuate.

5. During the evacuation, listen to radio reports of any evacuation lift or other instructions.

6. Save all your receipts to facilitate possible reimbursement when and if the unplanned occurs.

7. Once evacuation is lifted, you may need to return to the rental property. Read your policy details carefully beforehand.

Owners and guests can now benefit from the protection of insurance for security deposits, hurricanes and identity theft. Policies are available to cover damages.

Even if the hurricane doesn't hit your area, you should be prepared for inconveniences including extended power outages. Charge laptops, mobile phones and iPods and have car chargers handy. Fill prescriptions in advance in case delivery service or power outages delay access to pharmacies. CSA suggests, "anticipating the unanticipated," including travel delays.

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